Visit ThermoFlexX at Label Expo Southeast Asia

12 April 2018

ThermoFlexX: Imaging that helps packaging pop

ThermoFlexX is a pioneer in introducing ground-breaking features on their Flexo and Letterpress imagers, offering an array of flexibility, productivity and quality that is unrivalled amongst digital flexo imagers.

ThermoFlexX will showcase their ThermoFlexX 30, supporting plate sizes up to 635 x 762 mm and 3,94 mm thick. Its unique plate clamping system and vacuum slider offers seamless plate handling. The ThermoFlexX 30 is also available with a hybrid drum able to process both Polyester Flexo plates and “Steel-back” Letterpress plates. Christophe Lievens, Director of Sales & Marketing for ThermoFlexX states: “Our imagers incorporate numerous unique capabilities that enhance production and aid flexibility. This includes our in-house developed optics that supports imaging at different resolutions and the ability to image different resolutions on a single plate while imaging. While our maximum resolution of 5080 dpi means we can create extremely high quality products. Last but not least, our unique vacuum slider concept allows production of partial plates without the need to fix plates with tape, improving overall productivity. ThermoFlexX, innovative flexo imagers, creating value for our customers”.