ThermoFlexX reveals the launch details of their new TFxX 48

29 September 2015

Eede, The Netherlands, 21st September, 2015 – ThermoFlexX has revealed more details about its plans to use Labelexpo Europe 2015 as a worldwide launch pad for its latest products. Expected to attract great interest from the flexo industry will be the new ThermoFlexX 48 digital plate imager, which will be demonstrated on the Xeikon stand in continuous production.

“The way that we are achieving continuous production is unique on a digital flexo plate imager,” says Christophe Lievens, director sales and marketing for basysPrint and ThermoFlexX. “During use the operator loads a plate into the FlexTray unit, which is a fixed part of the new ThermoFlexX 48. The imager then feeds the plate automatically into the drum and begins imaging.

“While this is happening, the next plate can be fed into the FlexTray unit by the operator. Once imaging is completed, the plate is fed automatically into an external on-line back-and-top exposure unit, which utilises LED technology to ensure fast and consistent results. It’s an extremely efficient method of producing digital flexo plates, ready for press, and we’re very excited at the interest we’ve already received.”

ThermoFlexX has already received its first order for its latest imager and a ThermoFlexX 48 will be shipped at the end of October to a printer in Russia. The ThermoFlexX 48 has a maximum plate size of 900 x 1,200 mm and is available in two modes, providing imaging speeds of 6 and 3.5 square metres an hour. In all other respects this latest imager offers all of the new features incorporated into the recently launched ThermoFlexX 60 and 80 models.

“We’re confident that the format of the ThermoFlexX 48 will appeal to a very wide range of printers and pre-press houses operating in the flexo market. We’ve invested a huge amount of time and effort in developing imaging technologies based upon the requests we hear from people in the industry.

“This is why the state-of-the-art imaging concept is so flexible. Replacing the motor, laser or optics is straightforward, which simplifies service and hardware upgrades and provides the possibility for remote optical fine-tuning. Because of listening to customers we’ve incorporated into our new models the ability to change resolution on-the-fly. It’s why our imagers are so easy to operate and it’s why wastage is incredibly low.”

All ThermoFlexX images offer resolutions from 2,400 dpi to 5,080 dpi – the latter is the highest on the market, allowing the production of halftone screens of 250 lpi which are suitable for intricate, high quality work. The ability to swap instantly between outputs allows customers to produce jobs with different resolutions on the same plate. This offers the potential for huge savings in time and materials.

Another important product launch on the stand at LabelExpo Europe will be the new generation of ThermoFlexX MultiPlate software, which can be used to drive the company’s latest flexo imagers. The new software is database driven, which provides easy query and search functionality.

Features include automatic imposition for optimum productivity, with imposition schemes indicating production times. This gives the operator the potential to manipulate impositions in order to achieve the highest productivity.