Woodpecker Nano

A Technological Breakthrough for LAMs Digital Flexo Plate imaging


  • Print Job

    CMYK + white reverse print

  • Anilox

    420 lpc at 3.5 cm3/m2

  • Laser

    ThermoFlexX 80 D

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Woodpecker Nano Surface Micro Structures are applied at the imager output avoiding the need for costly RIP options. Woodpecker Nanopatterns are perfectly symmetrical and the finest available for LAMs layer digital flexo plates. Structures are applied to the highest linescreen ruling (dots) with no need for a protection border. Nano screening is not object or subject based and requires no decisions at the RIP stage.

Surface Micro Structures for Flexo Plates

In continually improving flexo print quality, it is recognised that microscopic structures on the print surface of the plate can improve the ink lay-down giving smoother higher density solids. Another benefit has been found to be sharper printed dots in half-tone screens, reducing or eliminating premature ‘dot-bridging’. In combination, good surface micro structures (SμS) greatly enhance the appearance of flexo print

Woodpecker Nano Surface Micro Structures

Woodpecker Nano utilises the high resolution ThermoFlexX optics, usually used to output 5080dpi image files. Careful and accurate laser beam control allows repeatable and stable implementation of these fine screens. It has been established that an input file resolution of 2000dpi gives an optimum surface micro structure output for this optical path, already in place in most ThermoFlexX large format imagers. Working with 2000dpi image files still provides excellent quality flexo print results. Image files are dramatically reduced in size. Fast transfer and storage of files all becomes an easier proposition contributing to production efficiency. Very importantly, high imager productivity is maintained….