Order your TFxX 80 Imager & get it Catena-Ready!

29 September 2020

Catena Ready ThermoFlexX 80

ThermoFlexX, already the fastest, most flexible, most automated, highest quality imager today is now available Catena Ready!

If your plate room needs higher quality or a super productive work-horse, the look no further than the Catena Ready ThermoFlexX 80 imager for 50×80” digital flexo plates.

Being Catena Ready, a ThermoFlexX imager can be the first or even final modular step towards fully automated flexo plate making. Connection to a Catena-E LED exposure unit via a bridge is fast and simple, giving the next level of automation. Join Catena-E to a Catena-WDLS (Washer, Dryer & Light-finisher) to form Catena+.

The full in-line Catena+ plate processing system brings a totally new level of automation. The need for operator handling is virtually eliminated, providing the ultimate in productivity, quality and consistency with minimum plate waste. Up to 10 unsupervised plates can be made robotically after hours, completely finished and ready for the morning shift to dispatch.

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