Forlabels S.A. installs Greece’s first ThermoFlexX imager

19 February 2014

Leading labels and flexible packaging printer chooses ThermoFlexX 48 to meet customers’ needs for greater flexibility.

Eede, The Netherlands, March 19, 2014 – The first ThermoFlexX imager in Greece has been installed by Forlabels S.A., one of the country’s most advanced and innovative label and flexible packaging printers. The company chose a ThermoFlexX 48 from the six imagers in the range, as its maximum plate size of 900 x 1,200 mm best suits the work produced at the site.

“We decided on ThermoFlexX after extensively testing the functionality and output of its imagers,” says production and plant manager Vasilis Chatzichrysos. “It provides with no doubt high imaging quality that you can easily distinguish. We were also impressed by the productivity of the ThermoFlexX imager, even at higher resolutions. The installation of the ThermoFlexX 48 has significantly improved our production times.”

Forlabels was founded in 1986 by Avgerinos Chatzichrysos who was later joined by his brother Vasilis Chatzichrysos. Today the company operates from 3,500 sq metre premises in Schimatari, Boeotia, near Athens, where it runs flexo, digital, thermal, cold foil and screen printing equipment. In addition to comprehensive pre-press facilities the finishing department includes laminating and die cutting plus a host of other processes that allow Forlabels to produce an extensive range of packaging solutions.

Forlabels specializes in the food, beverages, health, beauty, personal care and agricultural markets. The company is a member of FINAT, the European label association, and is a charter member of the newly formed Union of Greek Labelers. Forlabels was amongst 50 Greek companies that were acclaimed as ‘National Champions ’ at the recent European Business Awards 2013/14 on Customer focus segment.

“We are totally focused and committed to offering the highest possible service to customers,” says Avgerinos Chatzichrysos, general and commercial manager. “To achieve our objectives we constantly monitor new developments and technologies around the globe, and invest in industry-leading equipment that enables us to meet customers’ requirements with efficiency, versatility and professionalism.”

ThermoFlexX offers the widest selection of resolutions of any flexo imager on the market – 2400, 2540, 4000, 4800 and 5080 dpi. The latter equates to 250 lpi, which allows the production of the highest quality labels, and provides some 25 per cent greater sharpness of line-work and images compared to the high definition standards most commonly used in other flexo imagers.

The automatic clamping system allows plates to be mounted quickly and accurately while the automatic plate release function enables plates to be unloaded in a controlled and manageable way. The vacuum slider, unique to ThermoFlexX models, allows the use of plates of any width. By simply moving a slider to the edge of the plate the operator can isolate the vacuum on the used part of the drum.

Featuring an open network interface, ThermoFlexX imagers are able to image 1-bit TIFF files received from any pre-press workflow with the aid of its MultiPlate software. An easy-to-use graphical interface guides jobs through MultiPlate in order to optimize plate usage. MultiPlate incorporates hot-folder functionality and includes features such as automatic job organisation, file cropping, gap customization plus step and repeat.