Flexo Express, 2nd largest trade-shop in Chile installs ThemoFlexX 48-S in Santiago.

03 August 2018

Flexo Express Limitada, one of the largest trade-shops in Chile, has now installed a ThermoFlexX 48-S at its flexo plate production facility in Santiago. The company already had a CTP device but felt that imaging quality and productivity could be improved for the benefit of their customers.

Owner & CEO Mr. Franco Elgueta comments “This is one of the best business decisions I have ever made. It has exceeded our expectations and quite simply made us a better plate-supplier”.

The ThermoFlexX 48-S system supports all industry image resolutions up to 5080dpi. A unique automatic plate loading and unloading system adds to ease-of-use and helps avoid plate damage. Direct drive motors for drum rotation and linear motors for precise laser head movement add to the overall superior imaging quality. Productivity of up to 6m2 makes imaging a full 1200x900mm (48×35”) plate possible in just over 10 minutes.

ThermoFlexX Regional Sales Manager for Latin American, Walter Murillo says “We’re very happy to be in partnership with such a prestigious company as Flexo Express. Mr. Elgueta’s satisfaction is very gratifying but of course we expect to deliver all we promise and more to all of our users. I’m also very pleased to see ThermoFlexX becoming recognised as a high-quality and productive option to more established brands in my home market”.