First ThermoFlexX in Pakistan

22 January 2019

Digital Process Pvt. Ltd. is the ultimate ‘One-Stop-Shop’ for flexo printers. Based in Karachi, Pakistan, in addition to a full complement of printing presses, inks, mounting tapes etc. Digital Process offers full repro services and Flint Nyloflex (flexo) plates for label, flexible packaging and corrugated printers. Flint Nyloprint (Letterpress) is also supplied for letterpress printers and as coating plates.

Digital Process are also experts in applying flexo plates with Surface Micro Surface structures built in to improve solid ink laydown and smoothness whilst providing uniform vignettes and soft fade-outs with low dot gain. They are both a leader in the Pakistan market and supply their top quality products further afield.

Digital Process have installed a ThermoFlexX 60S built in Ieper, Belgium. CEO Mr. Fazal explains “We are a diverse business but strive to offer the best service in everything we do. The ThermoFlexX is very flexible. Due to it’s speed and ease-of-use it’s very much our workhorse system, but the high resolution output including Surface Micro Structures lets us also make the highest quality plates. We know that we need to innovate to stay ahead of our competitors and ThermoFlexX has been the ideal investment to achieve this and provide excellent quality plates to our customers more easily”.

ThermoFlexX supports all industry resolutions, 2400, 2540, 4000, 4800 and 5080dpi. ThermoFlexX 60 and 80 systems can be supplied with dual lasers and optical systems giving up to 12m2/h imaging speed.