Catena W
Wash-out unit
for flexo plates


Highest Productivity with plate Alignment

Unique plate alignment when loading the plate into the Catena-W avoids plate skew during transport. The advanced plate queuing, limiting the distance between plates to 50 cm, maximizes throughput for the highest possible productivity. At the end of the wash-out process a shutter door operates as a buffer before dropping the plate onto the shuttle.

Plate Shuttle

Large heavy plates can be handled easily by a single operator, eliminating any human touchpoint. Furthermore, the shuttle also provides a safe second rest spot for plates in production allowing a minimum gap between plates in the queue. The result is, more plates per shift, due to increased throughput.

ThermoFlexX Graphical User Interface

All ThermoFlexX equipment utilises leading brand PC’s, monitors and the latest Windows OS aimed specifically at high-end system development. ThermoFlexX Graphic User Interface is displayed via a Full HD touch-screen making operation extremely fast and simple. Key information is clearly presented to the operator for ease-of-operation without errors.

Closed Operation

A sealed environment with efficient extraction ensures minimum solvent fumes in the working area, even when opening the doors a minimum of solvent smell will be perceived as the solvent section is completely enclosed.

Less solvent emission for a better room enviroment. Increasing operator comfort with less load on air-con.

ThermoFlexX Monitoring

All critical information such as motor current, controllers, operating conditions and working temperatures are monitored. This information can be stored and made available for total plate QC records. ThermoFlexX ProServeX provides a cloud-based, constant monitoring service of all key components throughout the range. A brand-new level of predictive maintenance with online support is available. The need for physical service-interventions is minimised.

Automatic Pinbar

Plate punching is not required. A cleverly designed pinbar system transports the plate flawlessly through the washing process and returns for the next plate, no need for manual transportation of the pinbars. Three pinbars ensure continuous availability. Only an edge of 8 mm plate material is required to pull the plate through the wash-out unit (other systems typically need 20 mm).

Innovative Design to increase efficiency and lower operating cost

  • Servo motors

    preferred to 3-phase for higher efficiency.

  • Planetary gearbox

    used to oscillate brushes, nearly twice as efficient as normal worm gearbox.

  • Central crank

    simplifies brush oscillation, eliminating gear and shaft movements left to right.

  • Central main pump

    valve control sends solvent only to active brushes. Proportional speed control, only expends required energy. Saves cost compared to multiple constant speed pumps.

  • Input pump

    exact proportional control for optimum solvent flow. More efficient than on/off control.

  • Closed brush chambers

    solvent condensation drops back into bath. Less extraction power required.

  • Proportional chiller

    latest technology delivers just enough cooling. More efficient than off/on chillers.

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  • Dimensions

    6851 x 2060 x 1348 mm / 270 x 81 x 53”

  • Plate Thickness

    Max 7 mm / 0.276”

  • Compressed Air

    6 Bar Min 30L / min peak 250L / min (10 sec)

  • Electrical

    380V 3ø N+PE 50 / 60Hz 20A

  • Packed Dimensions

    3 Main cases, see pre-installation manual

  • Plate Size

    Max 1320 x 2032 mm / 52 x 80”

  • Extraction

    600m³/h 1 x 160mm outlet

  • Weight

    3250 Kg / 7150 Lbs

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