Catena-E 80

High performance LED exposure technology for precise image reproduction


Highest Quality Flat Top Dot plates

ThermoFlexX Catena-E uses latest technology high-power LED’s to eliminate oxygen effects in flexo plate making. Catena-E provides precise image reproduction and fine relief elements for the highest possible flexo print quality. Perfect for imaging the finest Surface Micro Structures such as Woodpecker Nano.

Controlled enclosed environment

Catena-E systems feature an automatic cover to keep dust away from the plate. Catena-E has a fully controlled internal environment with air conditioning, air extraction and flow to ensure truly consistent exposures from plate to plate, year to year.

Super stable long-life LED's

Extremely stable LEDs are used. They are fully tested to 10,000 operating hours and beyond. The LED’s are instantaneously stable, thus no warm-up time is necessary.

Auto-calibration for even greater consistency

Both main and back exposure LED output intensity are automatically monitored and adjusted. Comprehensive records can be kept for plate QC purposes. Should LED replacement be found necessary, modules are reasonably priced and easy to replace with basic training. This ensures the highest possible levels of exposure consistency coupled with low cost of ownership.

Fast exposures all LAM's plates

Powerful LEDs and full coverage back exposure ensure that Catena-E is fast enough to keep pace with our ThermoFlexX 80-D imager, even for the thickest plates (7 mm).

OPEN, choose how You use Catena-E

Catena-E presents the opportunity for total optimisation of main and back plate exposure. Users can choose to have a Flint Group technician finalise and secure settings for the easiest of operation. Or, with training, experienced users can fine tune their own parameters to add value through their own expertise. YOU’RE THE DRIVER!

Full in-line automation

Catena-E 80 can be added to existing or new ThermoFlexX 80 or 60 imaging systems. The unique Rover plate moving system and bridge are required to provide fully automatic imaging and exposure. After removing the cover sheet, no plate handling is necessary until the exposed plate is available for wash-out. Labour and plate waste (damage) are saved by avoiding operator intervention through the most sensitive stages of the flexo plate making process.

Discover the ThermoFlexX Catena-E 80 in operation



  • Width 3550m, 140”
  • Depth 1960mm, 77”
  • Height 1350mm, 53”

Packed Dimensions

  • Width 3800mm, 150”
  • Depth 2210mm, 87”
  • Height 1600mm, 63”

Plate Thickness

  • Max 7mm 0.276”

Plate Size

  • Max 1320 x 2032mm 52 x 80”


  • Main: Traversing 24 UV LED modules
  • Back: Full coverage 24 UV LED modules


  • Internal motors 1 x 160mm & 2 x 110mm ø outlets


  • 380V 3ø / N /PE 50 / 60Hz 25A


  • 1500kg / 3300lbs

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