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Customer Awareness

Xeikon prides itself on the close relationships it has built with its customers. All the solutions offered by the company are developed to solve specific customer challenges. The company maintains its “customer awareness” by being open and approachable at all the levels of the organization.


Printers and prepress tradeshops can depend on Xeikon Prepress for experience and know-how. As a renowned innovator in the printing industry for more than 20 years, the company has been offering CtP solutions for the Newspaper, Commercial & Screenprinting Industry.


ThermoFlexX is a brand name of unique solution offering for the packaging industry focussing on quality, productivity and automation. The TFxX imagers excel in their seamless plate handling offering a path to fully automated plate production, our Woodpecker Nano Surface Screening delivers smooth ink laydown with high soldi ink density second to none Grow your business with ThermoFlexX imagers. Our flexible product offering is designed to meet your business requirements and provide innovative features and functionality, for you to differentiate and excel in what you do. Read More


Digital imaging for flexo and letterpress Get 5080 dpi with unsurpassed quality and productivity

Producing tags, labels, flexible packaging, folding carton or corrugated packaging? ThermoFlexX imagers can do it all. Even better; our wide range of platemaking systems allows you to keep up with the increasing demand for flexibility.

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